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Collection Terms and Conditions

Thank you for accepting our Offer to Purchase your goods. Here are some things you need to know. 


We will only buy items from people who are over 18 in South Africa. We are required by law to collect a picture of a valid ID document you can use one of the following documents. 

  • Green bar-coded ID document or Smartcard ID
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport

You can send us it to us on acceptance of your offer or the driver can take a picture at the collection.


The price offered is based on the pictures provided should there be any damages not depicted in the pictures we reserve the right to adjust pricing and or decline to purchase your goods. 


The driver is required to test all electrical items and appliances please keep appliances and electronics plugged in so that the driver may access the items speedily.

If electrical items are not able to be tested on site you will be able to decide for us to take the item for accessment at our main depot and we will eft/or money send you if the item is working. If the item is not working you will be required to collect the item within a specified time period or it will be disposed of for you. 


If our offer is over a certain value we will have to organise a EFT payment to you. This will be done once the driver has accessed that all the items are all present and working. We will do our utmost to make it an instant payment.

Over a certain amount we will require that you sign a VAT form. This form is not for you but as a private client this form is like giving us a official invoice for your goods and allows us to register for the VAT back. As a VAT registered company in SA please appreciate that we need this to properly function. 

If you are a company selling your goods to us we will require a Invoice from you addressed to us. 


Please note we are dedicated to making this experience as painless and smooth as possible and appreciate you working with us and your trust in us.